May 3, 2009


It's been a sad weekend, Bebu was the first pet I've had that died in front of me. I feel guilty of not having checked in on my hammies the morning of the day I found her sick. I keep thinking that I could have probably had time to take her to the vet if I did. I've been checking on Gerby all day this weekend, but she's totally healthy and scampering about. Here is Bebu before we went to the park to bury her.

*Sigh* :'(

Despite the sadness of this weekend, I do have good news. Mayah & Bunlov have progressed in their bonding. I've moved them both to unneutral territory and they are behaving really well, they are both licking eachother now and sharing. Bunlov does take a nip of her fur now and then though so it may be another two weeks before I can put them in the same cage.


  1. WHAT?!?! You posted a picture of your dead hammie?!? There's something wrong about that somehow... there something wrong in your head.

  2. v, sorry about your hammie Bebu. lovin your bunblog.
    Hope all is well in bunland and that you have only happy critter stories for a while. Loss is hard.