July 19, 2009


So I bought the entire set of ReMent's Candy House just for this lovely teeny tiny bun!
So darn cute!Check out size comparison: Here's the completed candy house:Teee Heeee! Love it!

July 9, 2009

My Cutest Video

Ok, so the buns have been bonded for some time now, but they've been kind of shy lovers. I get a glimpse of them licking faces once in a while but once they see me they stop. They're like teenagers getting caught heheheh.

Well, they have lost that shyness and here they are making out all over the place. Dirty little buns.
Ohh, there's an extra bit of Mayah letting me pet her at the end.

Laziness is the perfect excuse

Daaaaaamn! I've been not blogging for almost a month. I have no good reason- just a lovely bout of pure, thick, molasses-like laziness. Alrighty- now that my excuse is out of the way it's time for some bunny pics.

Here is a sneaky bun shot. What's he doing? Eating cardboard that's what. No matter how much food I give him he still enjoys the delicious tastiness of bland unbleached cardboard.