April 17, 2009

The Bunny Bonding Process

Saturday Apr 11:
We take BunLov to the shelter to get himself a lady friend. Yes, my bunny is a pimp.
Intro Bun #1: A sweet black and white lady that looked almost exactly like him. He had his tail up and immediately confronted her in a not so nice way. Bad news, she was not accepted by the BunLov.
Intro Bun #2: He LOOOVED her, went right over and licked her. She was not too interested but that's a good thing. Even though she seemed perfect for him. We decided to show him a third lovely lady.
Intro Bun # 3: This
was a big no no. He hated her, went straight for the jugular. Growl, bite, fight! Holy smokes, she must have cursed him out silent bunny style or said something about his momma. She was not a keeper.

Needless to say we took bun #2 home and renamed her Mayah.

Sunday Apr 12:
Mayah and BunLov have their first 2 minute session in the tub. BunLov wants to get close and sniff her bottom, she looks cautious so I try to keep him away from her. He turns around and ignores her for the rest of the 2 minutes. She ignores him back.

Monday Apr 13:
The second two minute session in the tub again. This time my boyfriend keeps an eye on them. Unlike me, he lets BunLov sniff her and WHAM! He gets a tuft of her fur. The session ends in 1min 30. Mayah was startled by the fur pull but didn't fight back.

Tuesday Apr 14:
I change the session to my bedroom. Two minutes. I keep and eye on them this time. BunLov approaches Mayah while she's in a litter box, sniffs her nose. She lowers her head and he digs his face under her chin and pushes up. She hops away, he follows while I keep him away from her rump (typical little man isn't he?) Two minutes end.

Wednesday Apr 15:
Session is in my room again. This time they ignore each other a little more. He keeps looking her way, she is hoping around like nobody else exists. The two minutes are up but since they being amicable I leave them one extra minute. All ends well.

Thursday Apr 16:
I decided to let them date for 3 minutes today. The first few seconds he ignores her. She ignores him as always. Then she starts licking her paws and I think that meant "Come on over big boy" cause he darted over to her like a torpedo. He smushed his face under her chin. I was staring, wanting her to lick his head, but no. She pushed him. She then went to sniff his bottom so I let her. Her tried to sniff hers but she tensed up and WHAM! Again he took a tuft. Now this all happened before the 3 minutes we up. 2min 40 exactly. Oh well. I think they both want to be dominant. Good news is, if this continues I'm going to have enough fur to make myself a lovely comforter filled with rabbit fluff.

Friday Apr 17:

4 minute session. BunLov ignored her for the first 30 seconds then ran to her leaping. She came towards him too and they just head bumped. Him pushing against her and she seemingly pushing back. Then he growled at her, BAD BUN! I took him away and she ran off. I held him for 30 seconds the released him again. The same exact thing happened and the session ended with me taking him away for growling. Today I'm switching their cages.

Saturday, Sunday, Mon, Tues Apr 18,19,20,21:
Same thing that happened Friday, it's like that groundhog day movie. I'm gonna have to go to the Costco and stock up on a jumbo box of patience.

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