April 25, 2009

Ahhhh, finally

So the bunnies have been doing the same thing for the last few sessions. I scare the poo pellets out of them and then they lick each other. Next step is taking their daily 6 min sessions and doing them twice a day. I just hope they don't end up hating me cause I'm the creature who makes scary metal scraping on metal noises.

Yep, things are lookin' good. In celebration of their bonding success I decided to let them out of their cages all morning (they usually only come out from 6 pm and on). They could not have been happier, binkying and running back and forth like I had given them banana chips or something.

I did something else, just for shiz and giggles. I introduced Mayah to my Hammies. Well, just Bebu. Since Mayah is so mellow I figured she would be nice and not growl at them like BunLov did.

So this is what happened:

NOTE: No hammies we harmed while making this video. Maybe she got dizzy but dizzy is not harmed. Harmed is getting body parts bitten off and that DID NOT HAPPEN.

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